Registration is open to:

Any child who turns 5 or older before 31 March 2018


Any child who has NOT turned 17 by 30 September 2017

To register- please visit our registration page.

To work out what Age group your child will be in, view the age calulator here.


Commitee Membership Information

AGM  – Please contact us for dates or to become a commitee member.


There is an expectation when registering with Little Athletics that the athlete/ child will be supervised by a responsible person at all times.

We understand that work puts increasing pressures on families, however Little Athletics should not be considered as a babysitting service! Nor is it like other team sports that are managed by a coach and requires little parental input. Parents effectively run Little Athletics.

Even if your child is 14 or older, a supervising adult is required for measuring and raking, and general running of the events. If there are not enough people to help run a group, it inevitably runs late and will hold up other age groups.

Our focus with large numbers in the past few season has been to make the night run as smoothly and quickly as possible, however this is becoming increasingly difficult will less parent involvement.

Dwindling parental supervision has been a strain on those parents doing the right thing, and getting involved. This is not fair.

Therefore this season we will be making a renewed effort to ensure that children/athletes without a parent representative will not be able to compete.

If you have more than one child who will be attending Little Athletics, it is recommended that you go with a different child each week. The committee understands this predicament. As long as you are participating in the management of the evening in some way, this is fine.

If everyone pitches in, everyone will be safe, supervised, and having fun.


Goulburn Mulwaree Little Athletics is affiliated with ACT Little Athletics Association. The ACTLAA web site is and this has very useful information.

For example:
“Getting involved” has information on the parents role and some Frequently Asked Questions.
“Education and Training” gives techniques for the different events, rules and how to run events.

Another good web site is NSW Little Athletics Their “Publications and Resources” sells athletics books and videos.


A Typical Little’s A’s Afternoon.

4:45pm- Meets start with a warm up and then each child lines up behind their age bucket- e.g. Under 6 girls, Under 6 boys, etc. Information is then read out, including awards given etc. Parents then take each group to their activity- each group needs at least 2-3 parent helpers to manage children, take them to each event, record times, etc. Each night groups do 4 events, normally two track- e.g. 50, 70, 100, 200, 400 etc run or hurdles and two field events – e.g. High jump, long jump, shot put, etc 

A BBQ is available which is great for Dinner.

Please contact us if you are interested in private training for your child.

Other Information