School Carnival Information

Planning your School Sports Carnival

  • First call the council, and book Hudson Park for your Carnival date.
  • Co-ordinate with other schools, if you are sharing a week with another school, you can share the line marking fee charged by our club.
  • Contact the Club’s Equipment Manager Bob Morgan on 0419434545. Let him know of your carnival date, and if you require hire of the Club’s equipment.


Equipment Hire; $100.

This is a very minimal fee, and often this does not cover wear,tear, or loss of equipment or grounds.

If there is loss or damage to equipment, your school will be charged for replacement, and your future privileges of hiring equipment will be jeopardised.


Line Marking; $200.

If you have co-ordinated with other schools, the cost of line marking will be divided amongst these schools. This is also done in conjunction with the council. If the council does not know, we do not know, and then you will be charged full price. If there is a wash out, and there is enough time for our VOLUNTEER to remark the lines, this will incur a full line marking fee. If a rain out occurs between carnivals that where to previously share this fee, then the fees will be adjusted accordingly. All efforts are made by our committee to ensure the dispersal of fees is fair and equitable to increase participation for all children in athletics.